WCS Preset Pack #2 (Warm Tones)

WCS Preset Pack #2 (Warm Tones)

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In this preset pack, you will receive 8 Adobe Lightroom presets to help elevate your color grading process to the next level. Deemed the warm tones pack, these presets will help you in a variety of environments starting you off with a great base edit for you to fine tune to your liking!

Preset Names:

  1. WCS Standard Warm (Grain)
  2. WCS Standard Warm No Grain)
  3. WCS Warm (Dainty)
  4. WCS Warm (Darker)
  5. WCS Warm (Faded)
  6. WCS Warm (Heatwave)
  7. WCS Warm (Lighter)
  8. WCS Warm (Vibrant)

These presets are not meant to create a final edit with one click. You will need to fine tune each one to different environments but should give you a great base to work off of.

These presets work best with RAW files.

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