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Name: Bennett Witta | Age: 20 | Location: Minneapolis, MN

Bennett Witta is a nineteen year old filmmaker and photographer from Minneapolis, MN. Growing up, he found himself immersed in sports, playing everything from hockey to lacrosse, which ultimately led to the purchase of a GoPro action camera... and this is where the story started. Fast forward five years, and Bennett has now begun to work for GoPro themselves, serving as a freelance content creator and video editor. 

For the past three years, he has also successfully run his own production company, Wittaphotography, accumulating a handful of clients including GoPro, Patagonia, Woodchuck USA and a number of various other brands. By continually working with different companies both nationally and internationally, he has developed a very knowledgeable background for both social marketing and business strategy. With WittaCreativeStudios, he hopes to expand both his team and what his business offers overall to their clients in terms of content creation. 

The Team

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Bennett Witta

Bennett is a twenty year old filmmaker and photographer that has grown up in Minneapolis, MN. After working with brands like GoPro, Patagonia and Sun Country Airlines, he has obtained a substantial amount of knowledge in the social marketing and business world. WittaCreativeStudios is his way of living off doing what he loves, something he has strived for all of his life after receiving a lot of advice from his father.

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Lily Durand

Lily is a twenty year old designer and blogger from the Twin Cities. After growing up around artistic friends and family, she has taken her creative side and applied it to the social media realm. Whether that is freelance designing for costumers, taking amazing photos for Instagram or telling amazing stories through blogs, she is a amazing find for this team.